Isabella Grania Lindsay Murphy, an Irish designer living in England and Ireland, created the fashion label ABELLA LONDON in 2016. Isabella started to design fashion wear while still at university, inspired by a year living in the feverish atmosphere of Berlin. Having spent long stretches of her childhood in the West of Ireland, Isabella was eventually drawn to the more traditional materials and colours of her homeland and launched a collection of luxury drawstring backpacks and pouches in surplus designer tweed, velvet and vintage materials. 
By combining the distinctive, traditional urban design with high-end sustainable materials, a new breed of backpacks was born; the Abella bag. Isabella’s products are designed to be beautiful, yet practical and made with as little environmental impact as possible. They are comfortable, chic, easy to carry and keep belongings incredibly safe, since the bag cannot be opened when on the back. They are designed for everyday use and also include an inner zip-pocket to keep small items safe. 
Her pouches are also great for carrying daily necessities like a mobile phone, make-up, jewellery and cash. The pouches can be used on their own or inside any bag and come in two sizes 20cm x 13.5cm and the slightly larger at 25cm x 17cm. 
Since launching Isabella has branched out into Fairtrade sustainable clothing and hair accessories, also made from gorgeous deadstock silks.
The latest product to drop is the baker boy cap. The velvet caps come in a range of colours and are all lined with printed surplus fabrics. The caps look fabulous with any outfit, whether you're dressing up or down. You’ll appear non-chalant, yet chic and sophisticated and of course you’ll stay cosy and warm.
Don’t forget Abella ships worldwide!